Environmental Consequences vs Blanket Consequences

DEnvironmental Consequences vs Blanket Consequences

I consider taking away a child’s video games / phone in most cases, a “blanket consequence.” A blanket consequence is a consequence that is given as parents in every situation that our child disobeys us because we feel that it is “the only thing that will get their attention.” Often these consequences maybe effective short term but do not last long term due to the child not really *learning* anything.
Instead environmental consequences teach children actual life lessons and prepare them for the world. For example:
Instead of this:
Teen got caught after school vaping with friends therefore they get their phone taken away
Child got a bad grade therefore video games got taken away
Do this:
Teen got caught vaping after school with their friends therefore they now have to come home immediately after school and have lost their freedom to hang with friends until trust is regained.
Child got a bad grade therefore they have to redo the assignment/ teach you the concept on a weekend

Environmental consequences are one of the best ways that parents can help their child learn from their mistakes! Thinking of ways we can help our children grow into better people is one of the most important parts of parenting.
So next time your child makes a mistake, think if their is a life lesson you can help teach, instead of just taking their phone... again lol