Mullet Parenting

DMullet Parenting

I often say parenting should be like a mullet. With the “business being up front” If you know a situation is going to be hard for your child ex. going to grandmas house or going to target and not getting a toy this time. It is good to think ahead of the meltdown and try to prevent it. By setting clear expectations, consequences, bringing distractions and thinking through what you will do if a meltdown should occur. So then you can have a “party in the back” and relax and enjoy a less stressful situation with your child that you have a plan for!
Parents often tell me that they do not have the time to set up structure or plan out something- to which I respond... well then do you have time for a tantrum?! better to try to lessen your chances for one or have a plan for what to do instead of just roll the dice