DBT Skills Group Therapy

Dialectical Behavior Therapy is an intensive therapeutic approach teaching social-emotional and resilience skills for life enhancement. It is an evidence-based treatment with skills that focus on mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness and communication, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance. Our group has an inclusive positive and accepting environment that is supportive and monitored that children only take away positive influences from the peers in the group.

Group Meets 6-7PM on Wednesday Nights
100 dollars a session.
Sessions run weekly for 8 Weeks. Cancellation Policy applies to groups.

Mother Daughter Adolescent Group Therapy

Adolescence is one of the toughest times in any girl’s life. This often causes stress on the relationship between mother and daughter and can cause so much hurt within the family. This group is an ongoing reoccurring group that is meant to be a positive healthy experience where mothers and daughters can come together to learn communication skills, find things in common through fun activities, cover some “cringey” topics together, and find community with other families in the same life stage. This is also a great group to join proactively as your daughter is entering 5th/6th grade to possibly avoid and be prepared for challenges down the road. This has always been my very favorite group to run and we would love to have you join our amazing community of mothers and daughters!

Ages 11-16 (also can be discussed due to developmental age)
Price - 100 dollars
Meets Bi-Weekly Mondays from 6-7 PM

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